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Lisa Matias Dance Centre

My favorite place to be for the past 36 years. Dancing is such a wonderful way to express yourself.  With Miss Lisa as your instructor,  you  learn while being comfortable with yourself, it's where your talents are embraced. Who wouldn't want that in their child's life!?!  Register this fall, I guarantee you and your child will be truly satisfied!

-Cheryl Nadeau

Lisa Matias Dance Centre changed my life. Lisa is a one-of-a-kind teacher and mentor who inspires everyone who has the good fortune to know her. Over my 11 years as her student, Lisa shaped who I am more than any other teacher I've ever had. She is enthusiastic, patient, wise, brilliant, loving, and hilarious. Lisa creates an atmosphere where students feel known and safe as well as challenged and pushed to be the best they can be. At the studio, you feel included in a unique community with its own vocabulary, references, jokes, and shared history. Lisa doesn't just help create great dancers; she helps to shape great people. I feel deeply grateful for having Lisa in my life and for my time dancing at the Lisa Matias Dance Centre.

-Kelly Tieger

There is no better dance studio, dance teacher. Period.
Lisa is a remarkable human being. I have even met folks in the community who have known her for many, many years and the mere mention of her name makes their entire face light up. She is compassionate, dedicated, warm, loving and incredibly skilled. She teachers from the depths of her soul. Bringing your child to Lisa will help them to grow in strength in all ways and self confidence. She teachers dance like no one else and equally believes in using this opportunity to help each child be the very best they can be.
Frankly there are few people as amazing as Lisa and I can't say enough how blessed and grateful I am that we found her! Both my daughters love dance thanks to Lisa!
Out of 5 stars, Lisa and her studio get 10! ! You will not regret ever the chance for your child to be taught by Lisa.

​- Carissa Spada

I have the privilege of saying I danced at Lisa Matias Dance Center for 20 years. She was and still is my mentor and a mentor to all her students. So many wonderful childhood memories are because of her and her studio. She took a little spit fire girl and made her blossom into a beautiful dancer/person! Thanks Miss Lisa!

-Idalia Cameron

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Lisa Matias Dance Center is a very special place. My daughter started there last fall when she was ten years old. She had very little experience with dancing and was in a class with girls who had been dancing for years. Under Lisa's instruction and care, she flowered into a graceful and accomplished dancer. She was never made to feel she wasn't as good as the other girls, and at the dance recital in June, no one could have picked her out as someone who was new to dance. I can't say enough positive things about this studio!!

-Emily Plocharczyk